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Welcome to Sedona Tour Guide

Located in Northern Arizona,
the beauty of Sedona will take your breath away.

Sedona has it all.  Fine dining, exquisite shopping, outdoor adventures and unparalleled relaxation combined with the beauty of the Sedona Red Rocks, you have chosen the ultimate in destinations.  Sedona Tour Guide will show you where to stay, eat, shop and the most popular hiking trails in town.


A Guide to Sedona Travel, Vacations and Tours

Sedona adventures are waiting for you.  What are you waiting for?  Use Sedona Tour Guide to plan activities, hikes, drives, events, hotels, restaurants and shopping.  Everything you need to plan the perfect trip to Sedona is all in one place.

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Planning a trip to Sedona?

We love Sedona as much as you do.  We hope you’ll use our travel guide to plan an unforgettable trip.  Our blog is full of tips and helpful hints that allow you to navigate Sedona like a local.  Keep updated on all the upcoming events, the best Sedona webcams and the most beautiful drives.

Night Life in Sedona

Night Life in Sedona Where can you get late night drinks or live music? There are a few bars in town where you can stay up late and enjoy the night life in Sedona. Sedona really is a sleepy town.  Once the sun goes down, everything closes and there isn't much to do. A great local bar is Mooney's Irish Pub located in the Hillside Shopping Center. Not only is the bar open late, but they also serve good food.  If Karaoke is your thing, then stop by on Thursday nights.  It won't disappoint if you are looking for [...]

Sedona Quick Links.

Welcome to Sedona Tour Guide. Need information about Sedona’s shopping, hiking trails, hotels and activities? Check out our quick links.


Shopping Guide

Sedona has marvelous shopping.  Shop for fine art from many of the local artists who call red rock country home.  Or find the perfect souvenir to take home with you.  Sedona has it all!

The Best Places to Shop.

What’s Happening Around Town.


What to Know Before Visiting Chapel of the Holy Cross

Everything You Need to Know About the Chapel of the Holy Cross Visit Sedona's Most Famous Chapel The Chapel of the Holy Cross is one of Sedona's most recognized tourist attractions.  You should definitely add it to your Sedona Must Do list. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is famously built into the red rocks of Sedona and can be seen from miles away.  If you don't visit the Chapel in person, you should at least try to find it on the hillside while driving along the Red Rock Scenic Byway. There are a few things you [...]


Restaurant Guide

Looking for a fine dining experience only found in Sedona?  Or how about a local favorite for breakfast or lunch?  Check out our restaurant guide for some of our favorite places to eat.

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