Best Free Things To Do in Sedona Arizona

Free Activities in Sedona

Use our list of best free things to do in Sedona, Arizona and save some cash. As you probably noticed, Sedona is a very expensive place to visit but there are some things to do that are completely free.

Chapel of the Holy Cross has free admission

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is free to visit for everyone.  Sedona’s most notable tourist attraction is a must see.  The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a beautiful chapel built into the red rocks with majestic views of some of Sedona’s favorite rock formations.  Inside the chapel, don’t miss the bronze by artist James Muir called “Christ of the Holy Cross”.  While here, you’ll be able to light a candle, see incredible red rock formations and visit the chapel’s gift shop.  Not only is it an architectural marvel but a spiritual experience.  Find out more about the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Drive the Red Rock Scenic Byway

Take a drive along the Sedona Red Rock Scenic Byway.  Also known as State Route 179, this road takes you through some beautiful scenery.  The road runs between Interstate 17 and ends at the Sedona city limits.  Along the road you’ll find hiking trails, parking areas and the Village of Oak Creek.  In the Village, as the locals call it, you’ll find restaurants and shopping centers.  Sedona Vista Village is the recently remodeled factory outlets which has a Tuesday Morning, a Verizon store and a Factory Brands Shoe Store, just to name a few.  You can also visit a few restaurants in the center as well.  Learn more about Sedona’s Scenic Drives.

See a Sedona Sunset at the Airport

The Sedona Airport is a bustling place with many types of aircraft taking off or landing.  From single engine airplanes to helicopters, airplane enthusiasts will find something interesting to see.  Whether airports are your thing or not, make a point to head up Airport Road from State Route 89A for a quick drive and follow the signs to the Sedona Airport Terminal.  Here you will find more amazing views of the Sedona Red Rocks.  Along the road near the top, there is a pullout called the Sedona Airport Overlook.  Parking will cost you, but the sunsets are the best in town.  Want more information about Sedona Sunsets, check out our recommendations here.