The Best Sunsets in Sedona

Here’s a list of favorite Sedona sunsets.

The most popular location for a sunset is at the Sedona Airport Mesa.  The overlook draws big crowds and you’ll have to pay to park.  If you don’t mind a little uphill hike, you may want to stop at the first turnout on Airport Road and find higher ground there.   Another great place for a sunset is located at the Crescent Moon Day Use Park where Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek can be found.  You’ll have to pay a fee to enter the park.  The best advice is to get there before the sunset time because the sun sets sooner in this area allowing for beautiful shadows on the rocks.  You can also get to Cathedral Rock by taking the trail located on Back O’Beyond Road off State Route 179.  This is a popular trail and parking is limited.

If you want to stay away from the crowds, take a drive on the Upper or Lower Red Rock Loop Roads, the Red Rock Scenic Byway, Dry Creek Road/Boynton Canyon Road or Cultural Park Road.  Any stop along these roads, you’ll find a beautiful sunset view.  For more information about these drives, check out our list of Best Scenic Drives.

Here is some other advice to consider while trying to find the perfect sunset.  Remember that once the sun goes down in Sedona, it gets dark quickly.  If you plan to hike to your sunset destination, just remember you may be hiking in the dark when you return.  Also, once the sun starts to set, it gets chilly in certain times of the year, dress appropriately.