Ice Cream Shops and Gelato in Sedona

Sedona’s best places for delicious treats.

You need some ice cream and you need it now.  When you are visiting Sedona and you need a sweet treat, ice cream is the answer.  Or maybe gelato is the answer.   There are a few ice cream and gelato shops in Sedona and here’s a list of the ones we think are worth sharing.

While visiting the Uptown Sedona are, you have 4 options of ice cream or gelato.  In the Sacajawea Plaza, there is an authentic gelato shop called PussyCat Gelato.  Great flavors and great atmosphere for a quick break from shopping.  Across the highway in the shopping center Canyon Breeze, you’ll find Sabrina’s Gourmet Ice Cream.   Here you’ll find 15 flavors and one of the best views of the Sedona red rocks.  Further south in Uptown Sedona you’ll find Black Cow Cafe.  This is a Sedona tradition and has been at this location for years.  Ice cream, smoothies, coffee drinks and lunch are on the menu at the Black Cow Cafe.  If you want a well known brand that won’t disappoint, then head over to the Hyatt Pinon Pointe Shops and you’ll find Cold Stone Creamery.  Enjoy your treat while checking out another great view of beautiful Sedona red rocks from the patio.

In West Sedona, you might like to try Red Rock Gelato, located by the Harkins Movie Theatre.  Delicious flavors and friendly service.

If you are travelling through the Village of Oak, there are two ice cream shops for you to choose from.  Walter’s Ice Cream and Hotdogs serves ice cream cones, sundaes and root beer floats. It is a great place to take a rest after a long hike.  The Collective Sedona is home to Rocky Rd. Ice Cream Co.  Excellent, homemade and creamy ice cream and floats with cozy indoor and outdoor seating, great for an after dinner dessert or basically anytime you just need some ice cream.

Here’s the list of locations and their addresses.  Check their websites for hours of operation.

Uptown Sedona Ice Cream Locations
Cold Stone Creamery, Hyatt Pinon Pointe Shops,  101 N. AZ 89A, Sedona
Black Cow Cafe, 229 N. 89A, Sedona
Sabrina’s Ice Cream, Canyon Breeze, 300 N. SR 89A, Sedona
PussyCat Gelato, Sacajawea, 301 N. SR 89A, Sedona

Village of Oak Creek Ice Cream Locations
Rocky Rd Ice Cream Co, The Collective Sedona, 7000 SR 179, VOC