Everything You Need to Know About the Chapel of the Holy Cross

Visit Sedona’s Most Famous Chapel

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is one of Sedona’s most recognized tourist attractions.  You should definitely add it to your Sedona Must Do list. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is famously built into the red rocks of Sedona and can be seen from miles away.  If you don’t visit the Chapel in person, you should at least try to find it on the hillside while driving along the Red Rock Scenic Byway.

There are a few things you should know before visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross and hopefully our list of things will help with your visit.

Since the Chapel of the Holy Cross is one of Sedona’s most popular things to do, it can be very busy during weekends and peak season.  During these times, parking is hard to find.  There are only about 45 parking spaces in the lot.  Take the first spot you find, because you probably won’t find another one.  The walk to the Chapel ramp is pretty steep.  If climbing inclines is difficult for you, just use the golf cart shuttle to pick you up.  It is free, but tips are appreciated.

We are often asked how much time is needed to spend at the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  You’ll want to set aside at least a half an hour to an hour to see everything there is to offer.  This does not include the time you’ll need to get there and find a parking space.

One of Sedona’s Most Visited Tourist Attractions

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a sacred place.  Many who visit here call it a spiritual experience and can feel the glory of God and Jesus Christ. You are welcomed to come inside the Chapel to pray or meditate, light a candle or admire the sculpture of Jesus on the cross.  Just simply stand outside of the Chapel on the viewing deck.  Here you will see the breathtaking views of the Sedona red rocks.  The Chapel has a very interesting history, you can read about it on our Chapel of the Holy Cross page.

There is a terrific gift shop in the basement.  Don’t miss it.  Here you’ll find many unique hand crafted Christian items including replicas of the sculpture “Christ of the Holy Cross” found inside the chapel.  All of the proceeds benefit the St. John Vianney Catholic Church who is the custodian of the chapel.

Chapel of the Holy Cross is open everyday of the year, except Christmas and Easter.  It is located at 780 Chapel Road, off State Route 179 in Sedona.  Visit their website at https://chapeloftheholycross.com