Top Tips When It Snows in Sedona

Top Tips for Snowy Days

Does it snow in Sedona? Yes, it snows a few times every winter.  When it snows, accumulations may occur.  Usually the snow melts within a day. No matter what the weather is like, there’s always something fun to do.  Here are the top tips for snowy days in Sedona.

Check the weather.

Sedona can be very cold in the winter.  Wear warm clothes and dress in layers.  It is always easier to take off a jacket or shirt.  Rain gear, gloves and hats will keep you comfortable too.

Check the traffic and road conditions.

Driving in a snowstorm is tricky in Sedona.  There are several roads in town that get icy.  It doesn’t take very much snow to close a road.  Sedona uses snowplows and does a fairly good job of clearing roads.  Usually, they will start plowing the main highways first and then begin to work on roads in neighborhoods. Check out for Arizona road conditions or use Google maps.

Hiking the Sedona red rocks is a bad idea in the snow.

Trails get muddy and extremely slippery which can lead to accidents on the trail.  It also leads to trail damage.  Remember to wear really good hiking shoes or boots with a good tread to help keep you from sliding in the mud causing a hiking accident.  Mountain biking is another activity you might want to avoid during wet weather.

Check with the tour companies for cancellations.

Most tours take place in the great outdoors, expect these tours to be canceled when the weather is bad.  Tour companies don’t want you to be cold and uncomfortable and will often reschedule your tour if bad weather is expected.

In conclusion, the top tips when it snows in Sedona is to be safe and to have fun.  Maybe go shopping or eat out at Sedona’s top restaurants. Most businesses stay open when the weather is bad. There are many other things to do in Sedona besides hiking.