How to Avoid Traffic in Sedona

Traffic can be bad in Sedona

Sedona is beautiful and everyone wants to visit here.  What’s the secret to avoiding the traffic problem in Sedona?  There are no secret back streets, dirt roads or shortcuts. Sorry, Sedona just wasn’t built that way.  You can’t do much about the traffic, but there are a few things you can do to avoid the headache that comes with it.

Tips for patience.

If you are enjoying one of Sedona’s Best Drives, the best tip when dealing with Sedona’s traffic is to have patience.  The traffic is frustrating, just take a moment and enjoy the ride.  Google Maps and are great resources to see road conditions and travel times.  AZ511 also has a great app that you can download from the app store.  The app shows how fast traffic is moving and where there are accidents.

Avoid traffic altogether.

To avoid excessive traffic altogether, come to Sedona in the off season.  The busiest season in Sedona is from the end of February through May and September through November.  The weather is perfect during the Spring and Fall making it the perfect time to travel here, however, Sedona is busy all the time.  Try to avoid the weekends, especially holiday weekends.  Travelling around Sedona early in the morning or in the evening is recommended.