Oak Creek Canyon Construction

Road Improvements through 2023

The Arizona Department of Transportation will begin improvements on State Route 89A through Oak Creek Canyon on Monday, April 18, 2022.  Improvements will last through 2023.  The portion of the road affected most is located between Pumphouse Wash and Oak Creek Vista, otherwise known as the Switchbacks.  Falling rocks, canyon wall erosion and bridge repairs are set for the popular scenic road between Sedona and Flagstaff, Arizona.  ADOT warns drivers to be prepared for construction workers, equipment and slow or stopped traffic at any time on the road.  Portions of the road may be reduced to only one lane and the speed limit will be reduced for everyone’s safety.  For other information about this traffic alert, learn more at https://azdot.gov/projects/northcentral-district-projects/sr-89a-oak-creek-canyon-improvements.

This road project is unpopular with Sedona residents and businesses who will have to endure road closures and prolonged construction. It will also affect many visitors coming to Sedona.  How will this affect your trip to Sedona?  State Route 89A between Flagstaff and Sedona is a beautiful drive and a popular scenic route.  Oak Creek runs along the road and the canyon walls are gorgeous.  With this construction and improvements, traffic will be impacted during busy times and weekends.  If you are planning to travel on 89A, remember to monitor traffic on either Google Maps or AZ511.com.  Both websites are the best ways to see how traffic is moving and to plan for alternative routes.  If you plan to visit Sedona Slide Rock located in Oak Creek Canyon, watch for road closures before heading out. We have a list of ways to avoid traffic in Sedona, which you may find helpful during your travels.