Sedona Miller Wildfire Closes Trails

Fire Closes Sedona Trails in Secret Wilderness Area

As of May 30, 2023

The Sedona Miller Wildfire Fire closes trails in the Secret Wilderness Area of Sedona starting May 30, 2023.  Have you smelled smoke in the air or seen it lingering in the morning? It is most likely coming from the Miller Fire which is burning outside of the city limits in the dry creek area.  The wildfire is now contained, and the forest service is working hard to keep it that way.

Trail Closures

The following trails are completely closed by the Sedona Miller Wildfire until further notice: Secret Canyon NFST #121, Secret Mountain Arch NFST #651, HS Canyon NFST #50, David Miller NFST #164 and the Secret Canyon Trailhead.

The USDA Forest Service has issued information about the Miller Fire.

However, the most popular Sedona trails and hikes near the area are still open at this time.  This includes Devil’s Bridge Trail, Fay Canyon Trail, Bear Mountain Trail, Long Canyon Trail. Destinations like the Birthing Cave and Subway Cave are still open.  If you are sensitive to smoke or have breathing problems, you may want to avoid hiking or other outdoor activities.

During this time, the parking areas for Dry Creek Trailhead Parking Area and the Mescal Parking Area are still open.  The Sedona Shuttle is still operating during this time on Thursdays through Sundays.

Look for beautiful Sunsets in Sedona caused by the Miller Fire.