Hike the Bell Rock Trail

One of Sedona’s Most Popular Hikes

About Bell Rock Trail

Bell Rock is Sedona’s most famous and most recognizable red rock formation.  It is also known as the largest vortex in the area and people from all over the world visit it to feel the energy.  Bell Rock is a butte and yes, it looks like a bell.

Find Bell Rock

To find Bell Rock from the Village of Oak Creek, head north on State Route 179.  Just as you pass the Circle K, get ready to turn right into the Bell Rock Trailhead Parking Area.  There are plenty of parking spaces, but the parking lot fills up during busy times.  You’re in luck, though.  If this parking area is full, just head north and try the Courthouse Vista Parking Area or the Yavapai Vista Point Parking Lot.  A Red Rock Pass is required to park in these trailhead parking lots, but you can find everything you need to know about purchasing a pass here: Red Rock Pass Information.

Bell Rock Pathway

The hike around Bell Rock is fairly easy.  The distance of the hike is a little over a mile.  It is well maintained and easy to navigate.  Therefore, casual or beginner hikers will love this trail.  It is the perfect hike to see all the other red rock formations nearby like Courthouse Butte.  More experienced hikers may choose to climb to the top of Bell Rock or at least to the halfway point.  Know your limits and remember, climbing up is easier than climbing down.  Don’t become one of the people who have to be rescued!

Hike Courthouse Butte

Feeling like taking a longer hike?  You may want to add the Courthouse Butte Loop to your journey.  It is easily accessed from the Bell Rock trail system.  The Courthouse Butte Loop Trail is about 4 miles long.  Along the way, you’ll see even more beautiful red rock formations and you’ll even see Bell Rock from a new perspective.

Bell Rock is also a good place for stargazing. The skies are very dark in this area and perfect for looking for constellations.

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