Sedona Webcams

The best Sedona Webcams are only a click away when Sedona calls your name.  With modern technology, everyone can enjoy the beauty of the red rocks anytime.  Lucky for us there are a several Sedona webcams available that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

List of Sedona Webcams

Our list of webcams is perfect when you are looking for a specific webcam.  When it snows in Sedona, it is an efficient way to see road conditions.  During the summer months, it is fun to see how bad the traffic is in Uptown Sedona. Most people just want to see the beauty of Sedona any time they want.

Sedona Red Rock Cam

There is a terrific webcam located at the Sedona Airport.  A few years ago, it was struck by lightning and has now been replaced.  The Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Earthcam sponsor this web camera. Almost all of the Sedona Red Rock formations can be seen in detail.  Also, it is a great webcam to see what the weather is like at any particular time.

Sedona Seven Arches Live

One of the best webcams in Sedona is the Sedona Seven Arches Cam located at the “House of Seven Arches”.  The webcam can be found on a hill, above the traffic circle at SR 179 and Schnebly Hill Road near the bridge at Tlaquepaque.  The webcam has the best views of Tlaquepaque, Uptown Sedona and State Route 179.  Because of the quality of the equipment and the location, this webcam really has the best views of Sedona.  For more information about the House of Seven Arches, visit  Learn about “Lucy’s House” and the owner Terri Frankel, who is a local Sedona celebrity.

Gateway Cottage Wellness Center

The webcam at the Gateway Cottage Wellness Center has perfect views of Uptown Sedona.  You can view Midgley Bridge, Uptown Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and Snoopy Rock.  The Gateway Cottage Wellness Center is located at 470 N. SR 89A in Uptown Sedona.

ADOT Webcams

These webcams are really great for checking out the weather, especially if it is snowing.  Arizona Department of Transportation has a traffic camera located on SR 89A leaving the uptown area.  To view these webcams, go to and choose to view the highway cameras.

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