Desert View Grand Canyon

About the Desert View Drive and Watchtower

The Grand Canyon Desert View Watchtower is one of the most breathtaking and iconic structures in the United States. Standing at 70 feet tall, the tower offers unparalleled panoramic views of the Grand Canyon.  Built in 1932, the tower’s unique design was influenced by native Ancestral Puebloan architecture.  Therefore, it is a testament to the region’s rich history and culture. Are you are looking to capture incredible photos of the Canyon, learn about ancient civilizations? Maybe just soak in the natural beauty of one of the world’s most spectacular sites, then the Desert View Watchtower should be on top of your bucket list. For information about the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, visit our page.

The Desert View Drive

Find the Watchtower on the Desert View Drive. It is located at the south rim of the Grand Canyon about 23 miles east from the Grand Canyon Village.  Access the watchtower by taking Arizona Highway 64 and head towards the east entrance. Stop at any one of the six viewpoints along the way for beautiful views of the canyon.   Find hiking trails, picnic areas and restrooms.

Finally, the park shuttle does not travel to the watchtower. If you enter the Grand Canyon at the east entrance, the Desert View Watchtower is the first canyon viewpoint as you enter the park.

The Kiva Room

The Kiva Room is located in the lower level of the watchtower. The room was built to resemble a Native American kiva.  A kiva is a round room built below ground level, typically used as a meeting place for spiritual ceremonies.  For many years, the gift shop was located here. In recent years, the Kiva Room was eventually restored.  As a result, it is now an area where visitors can relax and see the gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon through the windows.

Only want to see the Grand Canyon Village?  Then take the Grand Canyon Railroad out of Williams, Arizona for the ride of a lifetime.