Getting around Sedona

Take the Verde Lynx Bus to where you want to go in Sedona.

Easily get around Sedona by taking the Verde Lynx Bus.  Park your vehicle in the Sedona Municipal Parking Lot and ride the bus through Sedona stopping at several stops along the way.  You can read more about the Uptown parking lot here.  Trips within Sedona are only $1 per person.  Or take the bus to the final stop at Garrison Park in Cottonwood where you can get a connecting CAT bus to take you around the city of Cottonwood. Sedona to Cottonwood regular bus fare is only $2 each way.

Verde Lynx service is available Monday through Friday and weekends.  Schedules and service depend on weather and traffic conditions.  Please check the website for the schedule and current bus fare rates at