Sedona ATV Rentals

Best ATV Tours in Sedona

See the backcountry of Sedona by renting an ATV. If you are the adventurous type, you will love riding the trails with the wind in your face.  In Sedona, you can rent an ATV and be your own tour guide.  Or you can go on a tour with an experienced guide.  Guided tours are fun for the whole family.  Local tour guides offer insight to the Sedona trails and terrain and give you a fun experience.

Tours include a ride to the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead, where you will ride to the parking area and then begin the short hike to the bridge.  Other tours include riding in the backcountry to see some of Sedona’s most famous red rock formations.  Each tour is unique and is fun for everyone, especially if you like the taste of red rock dirt in your mouth.

You can rent your own ATV.  Most rental companies will give you a map of the best trails and a cooler with ice.  Riding ATV’s are legal in Sedona, however over the years, the damage to the desert has become apparent.  Dust has covered native trees and bushes causing many to die.  Going off trails and speeding through residential areas is highly discouraged and will get you into trouble.  Please abide by all the local rules and laws.

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