Sedona Grocery Stores

Basha’s Grocery Store

Bashas’ Supermarket is located on State Route 89A at Coffee Pot Road in West Sedona.  An Arizona based supermarket chain; Bashas’ has been home in Sedona for years.  It has everything you need for groceries.  They have a great cold deli section with lunch meat, cheeses and salads.  They also have a hot deli section with really good chicken and burritos.  Check out their natural food section, wine selections and bakery items. Find Bashas’ Grocery Store at 160 Coffee Pot Drive in Sedona.


Safeway is a national supermarket chain.  If you are not familiar with their stores, then you may recognize them under their other names Vons or Pavilions.  You will find everything you need at Safeway too.  If you are looking for a great bakery, deli or large wine selection, then Safeway a good place to shop.  Located at 2300 West State Route 89A, one major city block from Bashas’.

Whole Foods Market

Find Whole Foods at 1420 W. SR 89A in West Sedona. Whole Foods is an American supermarket, specializing in natural and organic foods. They have a fabulous fruit and vegetable section.  Their delicatessen has rows of salads and fresh items.  If you are hungry, they also have fresh sandwiches and hot pizza.

In the Village of Oak Creek

Clark’s Market is located in the Village of Oak Creek where it is the only grocery store in the area.  It is a supermarket chain known for being located in tourist towns.  They have a great selection of deli items and fresh bakery items.  The wine selection is good as well as the gelato and the freshly made tortillas. Find Clark’s at 100 Verde Valley School Road in the VOC.

Most grocery stores in Sedona open about 6:30am and close between 9pm or 11pm. None of the grocery stores stay open 24 hours a day.  If you would rather eat out or skip dinner and go out for drinks, check out our list of Sedona Restaurants, wine tours and Sedona Night Life.