Sedona Helicopter Tours

See Sedona from the air by taking a helicopter tour.

There’s no better way to see Sedona up close and personal than from the sky.  Helicopter tours begin at the Sedona Airport.  From the airport, tour companies give you an eagle-eyed view of many of Sedona most popular locations.  Depending on the tour, you may get to pass by Cathedral Rock, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the Secret Mountain area or maybe see some ancient ruins. All breathtaking views of Sedona’s beautiful red rocks.

Why Take to the Sky?

Taking a helicopter tour from an experienced tour guide makes all the difference.  Maintaining aircraft safety and professionalism are the top priorities.  Tour guides will show you trails, creek beds, and explain the history and geology of the area.  Some tours are non-refundable, but some tour companies are willing to work with you if you need to reschedule.  The weather is always changing in Sedona and there is a possibility that your tour may be cancelled due to winds or storms.

Reviews from people who took a helicopter tour in Sedona all agreed that the experience was incredible.  They saw Sedona in a whole new way!

There are so many things to do in Sedona, but if taking flight isn’t one of them, maybe you’ll enjoy taking a hike, going on a Sedona Wine Tour or going to the Grand Canyon.