Sedona Shuttle

Sedona Trail Bus and Parking Lot Info

The new Sedona Shuttle is the best and easiest way to get to some of Sedona’s most popular trailheads.  Visitors to Cathedral Rock, Little Horse, Soldier Pass, Dry Creek and Mescal trailheads can use the new trail shuttles Thursdays through Sundays from 8am until 6:30pm.  Summer hours in June begin at 7am until 5:30pm. During peak visitor times, the shuttle may run seven days a week.  Hikers and visitors are encouraged to park at two designated parking lots, one located on State Route 179 and the other at the Posse Grounds, then take the shuttle to trailheads. The shuttle is free as well as parking in the lots.  Using the shuttle for these specific trails, you do not need to buy a Red Rock Pass.

The Sedona Shuttle has a schedule. You can download the TransLoc App from the Sedona Shuttle Website to get real time information and even track your bus.  The wait time between shuttle pickups ranges between 15 minutes and 45 minutes depending on the trail.  Buses carry 20 people comfortably.  There is standing room on the bus, so don’t be surprised how many people will get on the bus. Buses have a bicycle rack.  Sorry, dogs are not allowed on the bus.

There are many trails that are accessible using the Sedona Shuttle.

Cathedral Rock Trailhead
Parking for this trailhead is located at 1294 State Route 179.  This Park and Ride is called North SR 179.  This shuttle will take you to the Cathedral Rock Trailhead where you can hike to the top.  Other trails that you can explore in this area include the Templeton Trail which will take you to Red Rock Crossing and Easy Breezy which connects you to trails leading to Bell Rock.

Little Horse Trailhead
There is parking at the trailhead for Little Horse, spaces are limited and fills up quickly.  You may also park at the North 179 Park and Ride at 1294 SR 179.  The shuttle makes a stop here as well as Cathedral Rock.  The Little Horse Trail accesses the Bell Rock Pathway, which leads to Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock. You can also make your way to Little Horse, Chicken Point and event the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

The Soldier’s Pass Trailhead
Parking for the shuttle can be found at the Posse Grounds Park and Ride.  The parking lot can be found at 20 Carruth Drive, from State Route 89A, take Soldier Pass Road to Carruth Drive. The trails with access include the Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole, Seven Sacred Pools and the Soldier Trail.

Dry Creek Trailhead
Parking for the Dry Creek Trailhead areas is also located at the Posse Grounds Park and Ride on Carruth Drive in West Sedona.  The bus will take you to the Devil’s Bridge trailhead, the Chuckwagon Trail, Girdner Trail and the Dry Creek Trail.

Mescal Trailhead – Shuttle Stop Opening in June
You’ll also use the Posse Grounds Park and Ride to access the Mescal Trailhead.  Other trails in the area connect to the Chuck Wagon Trail, Long Canyon and access Devil’s Bridge.