Sedona Vortex

Looking for the Energy of the Red Rocks

What is a Vortex?

Vortexes are found throughout Sedona.  What is a Vortex?  A vortex is an energy field emanating from the earth.  It is described as funnel shaped, with a swirling coming from the ground.  There are 3 types of vortexes; magnetic, electrical and balanced.  The magnetic vortex is described as having a feminine energy, with soft and reflecting characteristics.  The electrical vortex has a masculine energy that is described as having more pronounced characteristics.  The balanced vortex is a combination of the magnetic and electrical energy.

Will I feel the energy?
Everyone has different experiences while visiting Sedona and the vortexes.  Some people feel the energy strongly and feel like they are in harmony with the earth.  Feelings of calm, peace, healing and happiness are also felt.  Others say vortexes help with depression and physical ailments like arthritis, but no one knows for sure or has scientific proof that the vortexes are the reasons behind their healing.  A lot of people just feel the overall energy of Sedona just based on the beauty of the red rocks.  Everyone’s journey is their own.  You’ll have to experience it for yourself! In Sedona, there are 5 main vortexes that are easy to visit, Bell Rock Vortex, Cathedral Rock Vortex, Boynton Canyon Vortex, Airport Mesa Vortex and Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex.

Boynton Canyon Vortex

You’ll find a vortex in Boynton Canyon.  The Boynton Spire is also known as the Kachina Woman.  “Kachina Woman” is a pillar shaped rock formation.  Legend says that the woman is balancing a canoe or boat on her head that her father built for her to keep her safe from the impending flood.  From the Boynton Canyon Trailhead parking area, continue on the trailhead until you reach the Vista Trail on the right. Pretty soon you’ll see the spire.  It is about 80 feet tall, so you’ll notice it right away.  The vortex is located on the south side of the spire.  If you are lucky, you may meet a wise man who plays the flute.  He climbs to the top of one of the vistas and shares his spiritual music.  Say hi to him if you see him, he often gives out heart shaped rocks.

How to Get to Boynton Canyon Vortex

From West Sedona, take Dry Creek Road.  You’ll turn left onto Boynton Pass Road.  When you get to the stop sign, you’ll turn right.  The Boynton Canyon Trailhead has parking which requires a Red Rock Pass.

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex

The Airport Mesa Vortex has the best sunset views anywhere in Sedona.  This Vortex has incredible energy and is known to enhance psychic abilities and one’s spiritual journey.  The Airport Mesa Vortex is easily accessed from Airport Road.  About halfway up to the mesa, there is a parking area on the left side of the road.  From here, you’ll hike up the red rock formation, where there is an area for meditation and a terrific view of the entire city of Sedona.  If this parking area is full, continue to the top and park in the Airport Scenic Overlook parking area.  There is a fee for parking here.  At the entrance of the parking lot, you’ll find the Sedona View Trail.  This trail will take you back to the same area where the Airport Mesa Vortex can be found.  Remember to take time to see the panoramic views form the Sedona Airport Scenic Lookout.  Even better, take in the view at sunset.

Cathedral Rock Vortex

Vortex seekers will love climbing Cathedral Rock.  Cathedral Rock Trail leads you right to the saddle of the red rock formation where you’ll find the vortex.  There is also another location where some people find the strong vortex energy.  Instead of hiking to the middle of the saddle, take the Templeton Trail to Oak Creek.  There is strong vortex energy very close to the creek.

Cathedral Rock is also one of the best places to see a phenomenal views of the red rocks.  The hiking trail to the Cathedral Rock saddle is short but strenuous, with the most difficult part near the top where the trail narrows and becomes more of a rock climb up the side of the mountain. Wear good hiking boots and be careful of the slick rocks.

We have put together a complete guide for accessing Cathedral Rock by the Trailhead.  You can access the parking area by car Mondays through Wednesdays or by taking the free Sedona Shuttle, Thursdays through Sundays.

Bell Rock Vortex

The Bell Rock Vortex is known as the largest vortex in Sedona and people from all over the world come to feel its powerful and healing energy.  Bell Rock is a butte and yes, it looks like a bell.  Some people say the vortex is shooting straight out of the middle of Bell Rock, but others agree that the energy is all around the base.  It is no wonder that Bell Rock is a great place for meditation.

How to Get There
From the Village of Oak Creek, head north on State Route 179.  First try to find parking at the Courthouse Vista Parking Area.  This area is closest to the base of Bell Rock.  You can also park at the Bell Rock Trailhead and hike around to the north side where hiking climbing Bell Rock is easier.  A Red Rock Pass is required to park in these trailhead parking lots, Red Rock Pass Information.

Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex

The Vortex at the Chapel of the Holy Cross is best known as Sedona’s spiritual vortex.  Many people consider this vortex to be the strongest.  The area where the chapel was built is beautiful and once inside the chapel, you’ll feel a deep connection to your spirituality.  Whether it has to do with the vortex or the fact you are standing inside a Catholic chapel, people feel many different things here.

How to Get There
From State Route 179, turn onto Chapel Road. Continue to the end of the road where you’ll find a gate.  The Chapel of the Holy Cross is open during business hours, 9am until 5pm every day of the year except Christmas and Easter.  Drive up the hill where you can park, then take the walkway to the Chapel.