Experience the finest shopping in Sedona.

Welcome to our local guide to find the best Shopping in Sedona. Whether you enjoy collecting fine art or just want a souvenir, Sedona has everything you need and want. With several shopping areas around town, there is something for everyone.  There are several different shopping districts located throughout Sedona.  For example, in Uptown Sedona, you’ll find dozens of shops that specialize in art, clothing and souvenirs.  Along the State Route 179 corridor, you’ll find Tlaquepaque and Hillside.  In the Village of Oak Creek, you will find the Collective Sedona and Sedona Vista Village.  Above all, each shopping center features galleries, clothing, boutiques and restaurants that are Sedona’s finest.

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Matterhorn Shoppes

Matterhorn Shoppes in Uptown Sedona has 14 unique shops where you’ll find fine jewelry, souvenirs and toys for the kids.    Located just below the Matterhorn Inn, almost to the end of Uptown, the Matterhorn Shoppes is home to many locally owned shops.

301 N. State Route 89A
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Sinagua Plaza and Canyon Portal

When shopping in Uptown Sedona, don’t miss Sinagua Plaza and Canyon Portal.  Known as the Sedona Center, it is in the heart of Uptown Sedona. The plaza is filled with more than 30 gift shops, fine art galleries, clothing stores, tour companies and restaurants.  It is also home to some of Uptown’s best Sedona Red..

320 N. State Route 89A
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The Collective Sedona

The Collective Sedona features many art galleries, fine dining establishments, specialty shops and a luxury spa.  Located in the Village of Oak Creek, the Collective Sedona is home to many events including farmers markets, car shows and live theater.

7000 State Route 179
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Sedona Vista Village

Sedona Vista Village is the newly renovated shopping center in the Village of Oak Creek. The Sedona Vista Village will be the home to the Westin’s Element Hotel.  With several specialty shops and restaurants, the Sedona Vista Village is the main shopping center in the Village for both locals and tourists.  

6601 State Route 179
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Uptown Sedona

Uptown Sedona starts where State Route 89A and State Route 179 intersect, continuing north towards the edge of town.  Uptown Sedona is filled with restaurants, art galleries, gifts shops, boutiques and more.  Uptown Sedona is the main shopping district in Sedona and you’ll find some of the best Red Rock views can be viewed here…

Uptown Sedona State Route 89A
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Hillside Sedona

Hillside Sedona combines beautiful scenery with a extraordinary shopping experience.  Built on a hillside there are three levels where the views are spectacular.  Hillside Sedona offers restaurants, fine art galleries, specialty shops and boutiques.  Within the center, explore fabulous art sculptures, water features and fountains.  Hillside Sedona is located along the SR 179 corridor at..

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Tlaquepaque is located at 336 State Route 179 in Sedona, Arizona.  Nestled on Oak Creek, Tlaquepaque is named after a beautiful suburb of Guadalajara, Mexico.  With more than 40 specialty shops, galleries and restaurants, Tlaquepaque is a must see when visiting Sedona.  You’ll find jewelry, fine art, collectibles and gifts.  Shops are open daily from..

336 State Route 179

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