Tlaquepaque – Arts & Shopping Village

Shopping Center on Oak Creek in Sedona

Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village is located at 336 State Route 179 in Sedona, Arizona.  Nestled on Oak Creek, Tlaquepaque is named after a beautiful suburb of Guadalajara, Mexico.  With more than 40 specialty shops, galleries and restaurants, Tlaquepaque is a must see when visiting Sedona.  You’ll find jewelry, fine art, collectibles and gifts.  Shops are open daily from 10am until 6pm, restaurant hours vary.

There are several other shopping centers in Uptown Sedona, but none compare to the beauty of Tlaquepaque.  With the architecture and the gorgeous banks or Oak Creek, you will think you are in a different world.

Tlaquepaque is known for beautiful weddings, festive Christmas decorations throughout the season and many more activities like plays and flamenco in the courtyard.