Sedona UFO Tours

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Sedona is known for beautiful red rock formations, hiking trails, world renowned restaurants and for being the perfect getaway.  Sedona is also known for supernatural events and unexplained oddities.  Remember the black helicopters that would mysteriously fly into the Boynton Canyon area?  Residents had no idea what was going on, but many had their theories.  Then one afternoon, a diesel truck drove through town with a large, oddly shaped object on the flatbed.  The object was covered, but some said that the tarp was flapping in the wind.  People said they could see something shiny and metallic underneath.  Could it have been an UFO? It sure raised the eyebrows of the locals and kept the rumors flowing that extraterrestrials were among us.

Today, Sedona still has some things happening in the sky that cannot be explained.  Lucky for us, there are several tour companies eager to tell you these stories.  For the majority of the year, Sedona has clear skies which makes it the perfect place to take a UFO Tour. One of the tours is given by a former satellite/missile systems engineer named Michael O’Sedona.  Michael is also a pilot and a contactee who uses his knowledge and expertise of the space program to educate others.  The SEDONA UFO TOUR uses $3,500 military gen 3 night vision to see space craft 1,000 miles up in the sky.  Objects can be seen and followed as they turn, fly in groups, and fade out of orbit.

Are you ready to learn more?

Many visitors who have taken these UFO tours rate them highly.  For the best experience possible, it is recommended that you have an open mind for the tour.  Some of the stories presented may be hard to believe for some people.  The purpose is to have fun while visiting Sedona and these UFO tours may be right up you alley.

There are also UFO tours that include Stargazing Tours.  These tours also include the use of telescopes and military night vision goggles. You will meet at a designated place where the tour guide will take you to several places in the outskirts of Sedona to get the best view of the night sky. You’ll learn about constellations and the world around us. Rather see Sedona from a Helicopter or by ground? Take a Sedona tour to see it all.