Things to do at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon

Visit the West Rim

If you are visiting Arizona or the Desert Southwest, you should visit the Grand Canyon.  Afterall, the Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  Most people visit the popular South Rim because of the spectacular views of the canyon walls and the Colorado River below.  The South Rim is also popular with people who are visiting Northern Arizona, Sedona or the Phoenix area.  A lot of people who visit the Desert Southwest travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to begin their adventure.  From Las Vegas to the South Rim, of the Grand Canyon you’re looking at a 5-hour drive.  However, the west side of the Grand Canyon can be accessed from Las Vegas within 2.5 hours via car or tour.

Located off Interstate 93, the west side of the Grand Canyon is about 125 miles away from Las Vegas.  The west rim is also known as Grand Canyon West.  Grand Canyon West is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation and the Hualapai Tribe offers tours, lodging and activities.

How do you get to Grand Canyon West?  Driving Directions
Route 1. From Las Vegas, NV, take US93 South, turn on Pierce Ferry Road and continue on Diamond Bar Road until you reach the parking area.

Route 2. From Sedona, AZ, head north to Flagstaff, Arizona.  Take Interstate 40 to Kingman. Take US93 North.  Exit at Pierce Ferry Road (look for the gas station) and continue on Diamond Bar Road.

Route 3. From Kingman, AZ, take US 93-North, turn on Pierce Ferry Road and continue on Diamond Bar Road until you reach the West Rim.

Hours of Operation
Open 365 days of the year. 8am until sundown daily.

Activities at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon West offers many different experiences on the west side of the Grand Canyon.  You can take a Helicopter & Pontoon Tour, soar on the Zipline, stay in a cabin and visit the famous Skywalk.  At Peach Springs, you can take a Colorado River Rafting Trip or stay at the Hualapai Lodge.  You’ll find plenty to do.

The Skywalk

The famous Grand Canyon Skywalk is located at Eagle Point on the Hualapai Reservation.  It is a horseshoe shaped, glass bottom bridge that extends over the rim of the canyon.  It jets out over 70 feet with a view 4000 feet below.  Walking out on the skywalk can be a little scary, but don’t worry, they say it can hold 70 loaded 747 airplanes.  Bucket List Deals at Grand Canyon West!

The Helicopter & Pontoon Tour

Take flight in a helicopter to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Once at river level, you’ll board a pontoon for a boat trip on the Colorado River.

The Zipline

Take a zipline down one of the side canyons at 40 miles per hour and 500 feet high.  It will get your heart pumping!

Admission Fees
Grand Canyon West is not run by the National Park Service, but by the Hualapai Tribe.  The National Park passes are not accepted and additional admission fees will apply.  You’ll buy a general admission ticket which includes shuttle rides to Eagle Point, Guano Point and the Skywalk, self guided tours of each area, presentations and cultural events.  Additional fees will apply to walk on the Skywalk, purchase meal tickets, helicopter tours, river rafting tours, overnight lodging and the zipline tour.

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What you need to know about the Skywalk

It is a popular destination for travelers, so it can be very busy during the peak season, holidays and Spring break.  Long lines for the shuttle buses, ticket lines and entry can be very frustrating.  As with other tourist attractions, the busy times are between 10am and 4pm, so arrive early or later in the day.

Professional Photographs

If you plan to take a stroll on the Skywalk, you’ll be required to store all of your personal items. There are no cell phones, wallets or any personal property allowed on the Skywalk.  Since you’ll be without your cell phone, there are professional photographers available to take your pictures.  You can ask for several poses, so take advantage of the offer.  Photographs are for sale but can be a little pricey.  If you aren’t interested in having your photo taken, you can avoid the line and go straight to the Skywalk.

Food is available at the restaurants or walk-up cafe windows at Eagle Point. For an add-on fee you can purchase a meal ticket.  The meal ticket gives you a choice of a hamburger, grilled chicken sandwich or chicken fingers meal at the Sky View Restaurant.  The restaurants sometimes close early, so make sure you eat first.

Is it Worth It?
If you don’t have a lot of time on your trip and can’t make it to the Grand Canyon National Park at the south rim, then this might be a good alternative for you.  Admission prices can be expensive, especially for a large family.  Package deals are available.  Read reviews online to get a general sense of how others enjoyed their time here and if they thought it was worth it.

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