Yavapai Vista Point

An Easy Trail in Sedona, Arizona

Yavapai Vista Point

Yavapai Vista Point in Sedona is a quick and easy hike that has stunning views.  The trail takes you to a vista with some of the most beautiful scenery in the area.  From this trail, you will see beautiful Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Munds Mountains and more red rock formations all the way to the Chapel of the Holy Cross and beyond.  The trail is only a half mile round trip.  As a result, it is a great hike for kids and hikers of all levels.

Directions to Yavapai Vista Point and Trail

The trailhead is located off State Route 179 along the Red Rock Scenic Byway.  From Uptown Sedona, head southbound on SR 179. The parking lot is on the west side of the road as you approach Bell Rock.  From the Village of Oak Creek, head north on SR 179.  Since the highway is divided, there is no access from this direction.  Head two miles to the Indian Cliffs and Back O’Beyond Traffic Circle. Use the roundabout to make a U-turn and head southbound on State Route 179.  If you are hiking in the area, you can access Yavapai Vista Trail from the Cathedral Rock Trailhead, Bell Rock Trail or the Courthouse Butte Trail.

Red Rock Pass is Required

Parking at the Yavapai Vista Point Trailhead requires a Red Rock Pass.  Passes can be purchased at the kiosk at the trailhead or at other locations throughout Sedona. Since the Sedona Shuttle does not stop at this location, driving to the parking area is the easiest solution. However, if you take the Sedona Shuttle to the Cathedral Rock Trail shuttle stop, Yavapai Vista is easily accessible by hiking the Templeton or Slim Shady Trails.

Parking can be hard to find during peak season like spring or fall.  Try to hike early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the crowds.  During the summer months, remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and wear appropriate hiking gear.

Great Sedona Sunrise or Sunset Hike

This trail is perfect for a sunrise or sunset hike.  During dusk or dawn, the sun shines on the red rocks making spectacular shadows and colors on Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte.  Likewise, you can also see Lee Mountain, the Twin Buttes, the Nuns, Chicken Point and Baby Bell from the vista. Certainly, these are great locations for perfect pictures and time well spent in nature.